Should you wish to discuss our Laser Job Shop services with us or have questions, we invite you to contact us today at or by giving us a call at (310) 328-5869.


Please call, fax or e-mail your requirements. If you e-mail us a drawing, sketch, dxf or dwg file, we will reply with a quotation. In most cases, you supply the materials to be laser processed. Prototypes are welcome! We also sell complete systems in addition to offering laser processing services.


Laserod offers both new and used laser systems.  As a laser system builder and supplier, our most popular laser tools are the S- and P-Series, mainly the Model LPS-300.

Get More Info:  LPS-300


 Ten applications in which we specialize:



Laser Cutting Thin Metals

This 25mm diameter thin copper part demonstrates our ability to pattern, to cut without thermal damage and laser cut with precision. The five arms each have a 125 micron width.

Laser: IR, green, or UV, hi power

Get More Info:   Thin Material Micromachining 








Precision Laser Machining

Laser: IR, hi power

Get More Info:  Thin Material Micromachining 









Laser Cutting and Machining Silicon (Si)

We machine silicon by cutting, drilling, and scribing.

This shows a Si edge cut at a 45 degree angle

Laser: IR, green, or UV, hi power

Get More Info:   Cut, Drill Scribe Silicon 









Coring (Resizing) Silicon Wafers

Laser: IR in either fiber or diode  pumped configurations

Get More Info:  Wafer Coring 









Laser Patterning Indium Tin Oxide – ITO on a PET Substrate

Lasers: IR, green or UV, low power. We pattern all coatings on glass or PET substrates

Get More Info:  Laser Patterning of ITO:PET









Laser Patterning ITO on a Glass Substrate

Lasers: IR, green or UV, low power

Get More Info:  Laser Patterning of ITO:Glass 












Laser Microvia Hole Drilling

Diameters down to 10 microns

Lasers: IR for >20um, UV for >10um, high power

Get More Info:  Precision microvia hole drilling 











Laser Resistor Trimming of Hybrid Circuits

We trim hybrid resistors actively or passively.

Best Laser: low power Q-switched IR

Get More Info:  Resistor Trimming 











Laser Micromachining CVD Diamond

Best Laser: high power, Q-switched, green

Get More In:  Diamond Drilling & Cutting









Laser Marking Serial Numbers

Lasers: IR, green, UV, low power