Software Overview for Laserod’s Laser Tools

Programming, Highly Important to Successful Operation


Many years of effort have gone into our customized software. It is one of the top value added items we provide in our computer controlled laser machine tools. Others are our extensive applications know-how, installation/commissioning at your facility anywhere in the world and after-sales support.



Standard in M-1 Systems:


  • Custom User Interface from operator friendly to advanced R&D laser work
  • CNC Support – G Code/RS-274
  • USB, RS-232



Custom Software:


  • “Picture to Part:” Import AutoCad .dwg, Dxf, IGRS, Solidworks, etc . . .
  • Active or Passive processing of devices, for example in laser resistor trimming
  • Ethernet, 1394 Firewire, GPIB/HPIB (for resistor trimming) and Custom Digital I/O