For System Integration – A Partial List of Laserod’s Laser System Options


Multi-Beam Optics starting with double beam. Increases throughput.


Linear Motors for high speed processing at high accuracy. Drives X-Y stages or X-gantrys.


Machine Vision


Fume Removal Up to three stages of filtration are available.


Laser Safety Enclosure A fully enclosed work station that ensures compliance with U.S. Federal laser regulations.


Nozzle  for gas jet assisted laser cutting. In some applications, nitrogen functions as an inert gas blanket to prevent oxidation. In other applications, oxygen is used to promote an exothermic reaction, or compressed air is used to blow off dross.


Horizontal Laminar Flow This is basically a HEPA filter setup to direct filtered air from the rear of the laser towards the operator and over the work station.


Motion Control Devices:  galvos, X-Y stages, or both — all customized to fit your application.  Specifications of interest are accuracy, repeatability, resolution, load, travel, speed, and cable management.


Vibration Isolation This usually takes the form of air-filled chambers.


Vision & Optics We use a closed circuit TV for viewing the laser cutting. (Microscopes are not used because of the eye hazard and laser degradation.) Our viewing optics are coaxial and feature a laser focusing lens. A built-in video camera allows you to look through the laser focusing lens to get a “bird’s eye view” of the operation. Some form of manual fine focus is always required—usually with 25 mm travel. If low magnification viewing and higher magnification laser cutting are required, a manual turret is added for operator convenience.


Laser Optics include turning mirrors, telescopes, galvos, laser blocking shutters and focusing lenses as needed.


Computer Interface: Fully integrated with no need for your programmer to write any additional code.


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