Classification by Number of Mirrors


We classify the new and used laser systems we sell by the number of mirrors.


M0 Design: no beam bender. Laser is vertical & beaming down.

M1 Design: one beam bender. Laser is horizontal. Fixed optics.

M2 Design: 2-axis galvo, short for galvanometer. Moving optics.

M2 Design: 3-axis galvo, XYZ, dynamic Z (motorized telescope provides Z)

M3 Design: “Gantry” with 3 beam benders, all 3 mirrors in same horizontal plane, aka folded laser design. Third mirror moves in X.

M6 Design: 6 beam benders, folded and double beam optics.


M0 Design (no turning mirrors)


M0 Laser Design



















has no beam bending mirrors & The beam is directed vertically down












M0 has no beam bending mirrors. The beam is directed vertically down.


X-Y stage (not shown) moves.


M1 Design

has one beam bending mirror & Fixed beam optics




























M1 has one beam bending mirror. Fixed beam optics.


M2 (Galvo) Design




2-mirror galvo

A galvo head can substitute for both our M1 Optics Head and our X-Y Stage…









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M3 (Gantry Design)


M3 Laser
























M3 has 3 mirrors. Overhead moving beam optics. The M3 mirror is motorized along the X-axis. Gantry is also known as a bridge design. Above you can see the bridge supports for the moving laser beam. Under the bridge and fastened to the table is a Y-stage.


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