Optics Head

For System Integration: Optics Head  for Fixed Laser Beam Delivery (beam transfer optics)


M1 Laser 2









If yours is a fiber laser app, there is no laser head as such. You have a seed laser oscillator down below near the laser power supply. The long curled up fiber amplifies the beam on its way up to the turning mirror(s) for XY stage/part motion or up to the galvo for beam motion.


Fixed Optics Laser Head:  The assembly is compact and rugged.  It is a completely integrated module to comprise an industrial laser tool.  Included are the 90 degree beam turning mirrors, combo viewing and laser beam focusing lens, focuser, color CCTV camera and 17 inch monitor, and fiber optic illuminator with power supply.  These are the seven components that comprise the Fixed Optics Laser Head.


Video Microscope Based Viewing:  provides magnified viewing of the laser worksite and focused spot targeting information.  Viewing is so-called birds-eye along the laser beam optical delivery path.  A video camera is embedded within the laser optics to give the birds-eye view. Thus, the operator can see exactly where the laser spot will impact before beginning processing.  Another benefit is the operator and by-standers can monitor laser processing while the laser is operating.  Please note laser beam delivery optics will not produce true color as seen on a video monitor. This is because a laser filter must be inserted to protect the camera.


With analogy to piloting an airplane, Video Microscope Viewing is like flying on visual flight rules. You can see where you are and where you are going.


System Diagram: Side View of Simplified Optics


M1 Optics Head









Telescope/Shutter/Cover:  Normally, a beam expanding telescope goes between the laser head and optics head. A protective cover is supplied with a safety interlock for series connection to your laser head and overall safety enclosure.


Laser Safety Regulations:  If the laser system is located within the United States, registration is required with the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).


More Options:


The following options may enhance your Laserod System:

Frame—a compact welded steel frame to hold the subsystems
• Alternately an extruded aluminum light weight frame, especially suited for fiber laser apps.
• Granite Base for either steel or aluminum frame
Gas Jet Nozzle–accessory to Fixed Optics Head
Telescope–mounts on the M1 Laser Head Housing or stand alone
• M1 Workstation Enclosure for full CDRH Class One compliance.

• Galvo Head to replace or augment Fixed Optics Head
• Vacuum Shroud or Fume Removal sized to your application
• Crosshair Generator to mark the point of beam impact
• Special Illuminators for good, sharp viewing
• Motorized Turret, Computer Controlled
• Safety Shutter, fast acting, to block laser beam quickly
• Customized Transmission Wavelength for your choice of lasers.
• Laser Alignment Device, HeNe or solid state, attaching to rear of laser head
• Motion Control X-Y Stage and Computerized Motion Controller for Work Site
• Last but by all means, not least, is Machine Vision to automate fiducial finding.