Gas Nozzle

For Laser System Integration: A Gas Jet Nozzle Option for
Gas assisted laser cutting


A high pressure gas jet nozzle enhances laser cutting and provides the following features as an industrial laser processing accessory:


What it does:

• Utilizes gas pressure to assist laser cutting, usually air
• Provides cooling of laser generated heat
• Slag removal
• Inert gas shield (N2)
• Reactive gas (O2) cut


Gas assisted laser processing requires clean, dry gas.  If air is used, devices are needed to filter and dry the air plus pre- and post-regulators to set air pressure and a valve to control on/off.  These devices are typically wall mounted and connected to an air compressor.


Gas Jet Nozzle

Gas Jet Nozzle







Cooling and slag removal


Inert gas, cooling & slag removal


Cut steel typically


When using air for the nozzle, higher pressures up to 60 psi are useful for cooling.  Air serves both a cooling and slag removal function.


Nitrogen, as an inert gas shield, removes oxygen from around the work site. Whereas, oxygen, as a nozzle gas, creates an exothermic reaction to “set the material on fire”.



• Usual Pressure:  60 psi

• Mounting:  Standard M26 thread

• Option: Gas supply system (filters, desiccators, regulators & valve)


• Note:  Gas Jet Nozzles are incompatible with galvanometer beam scanners