BUILD YOUR TOOL . . . from the ground up!

Laserod Model M1 for example



M1 Laser System Feet



Start with the Feet









M1 Caster Feet













Casters as feet

The four casters are roll and set, meaning they lock and thus will rock – but not roll. A lift mechanism takes the weight off the rollers when not in use, so you get the double advantage of fixed feet and movable wheels. These feet are not vibration isolated but we can provide vibration isolation, if needed, and/or a massive granite base.





Next the frame . . . the skeleton of the laser workstation


M1 Laser Frame














M1 System Frame Layout

Ideal skeleton upon which to flesh out a laser system! A three level design with laser and optics on top, worksite and electronics in the middle and power supply and cooler on the bottom. Where desired, we also supply electronics cabinets.


Portable and Compact

The Laserod Model M1 Frame features compactness to minimize footprint. An electronics cabinet for 19″ rack mounted components goes under the laser head in the spaces marked “Electronics & Computer” above. Elimination of a separate electronics cabinet module improves portability and compactness. Rack mounted computer, stage driver electronics, and some laser power supplies can also fit under the laser head. Larger laser power supplies go on the floor under the table. The frame is fork liftable but it usually rolls around on its castor feet.




M1 Laser System Small













The M1 System without laser safety covers.

Note the clean design. Laser power supply goes in the middle rear space. Keyboard slides in and out. One monitor displays computer data, typically the operator’s screen. The second monitor displays a magnified view of the worksite from a camera looking through the laser focusing lens.


Besides this welded steel frame, we use extruded aluminum, especially on fiber laser tools. Granite bases are supplied if required.


As for the rest of your laser system:

Our engineers can modify or personalize any program or laser head, stage, part, etc. to fit your requirements. More information about your laser system will be provided in a formal quotation.