Thin Material Micromachining-Cutting

Laser Cutting

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Slotting, Grooving, or Scribing Thin Materials, Metals & Polymers


Simple or Complex Shapes


Laser Micromachining Example


Many laser job shops have difficulty cutting and drilling thin metals, Laserod does not. One of our many specialties is the cutting and shaping of thin metals. Try us and see! The thinner the material, the better. Our use of single mode lasers ensure minimal thermal distortion. Our range of laser cut widths (kerfs) is 10-50 microns.

See also Hole Drilling.


Guidelines on Laser Micromachining Thin Materials


Some guidelines for machining thin materials at Laserod include:


  • Max Depth: up to 3mm
  • Min Depth: none
  • Typical Depth: 0.5mm
  • Kerf Loss: 10-25 microns (width of laser cut in any material)
  • Laser Debris: entrance side only, none on laser exit side. Debris field is an easily removable haze; the debris has no adhesion.. If desired, remove with Q-tip, styrofoam, DI water, ultrasonic cleaning, etc. We can do this if you prefer.
  • Laser ablation of metal creates a hazy residue of redeposited metal, but only on one side. The particulates are submicron in size.
  • Whatever your requirements for laser processing thin metals, we are pleased to discuss it with you. Please call, e-mail or fax.

Some Examples of Micromachining by Laser



Laser Machining Small Part

  Small Part Machining  

This small part, having a diameter of 2 mm, is cut out of thin stainless steel of thickness 125 microns (0.005″) and is representative of Laserod’s fine quality work.







Laser Micromachining Example [Thin Matls]

Copper Micromachining by Laser 

This copper part has a diameter of 25mm. The width of each of the 6 arms is 125 microns. Thickness of the entire part is also 125 microns. This demonstrates our ability to pattern, to cut without thermal damage and to laser cut with precision.







Machining 25 Micron Radius Tips

Precision Laser Micromachining of Magnetic Metal Tips

High accuracy cutting on thin material such as this represents a highly specialized laser machining operation. Radius of curvature of the tip is 25um. Laser spot size was 10um.




Laser Micromachining Aluminum

Aluminum Micromachining by Laser

A small sample of the thousands of these dime sized parts we have produced.








MicromachiningLarge Batch of Parts



Large quantities are welcome







Laser Micromachining Diamond

Laser Micro-machined CVD Diamond







Precision Micromachined Slots in Alumina Ceramic by YAG Laser

Laser Machining Ceramic/Alumina

Slots micromachined in ceramic/alumina by Nd:YAG Laser