Refurbished Systems

We Sell New Laser Systems as well as Refurbished (Used) Laser Systems


1.  For Trace Cutting (Florod LFA) and

2.  For Resistor Trimming (Florod MEL-40)



 1. Circuit Isolation by Laser Trace Cutting, The Laser Zapper, (Florod LFA)

Laserod performs laser trace cutting down to one micron spot size. More information is available online regarding laser scribing or cutting of silicon wafers.


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Laserod offers either YAG or Xenon “green” lasers for circuit isolation by laser severing of traces on chips, wafers or circuit boards.  Green refers to the laser beam color, and it just happens that it is environmentally compatible. As the pioneer in the field of trace cutters and photomask repair, it earned the affectionate name: The Laser Zapper. The laser provides quick trace cutting, submicron accuracy of cut placement, cuts through passivation and metallization, and is adjustable to avoid substrate damage.  Typical usages are failure analysis, circuit repair and to facilitate R&D.


Minimum cutwidth is 1.5 micron.  Maximum is unlimited because overlapping spots of 10 microns can be laid down.  The Zapper features an adjustable rectangular beam and a beam spot marker which  outlines the size, shape, and location of the laser cut before the cut is made, thus ensuring precision work.


      One Micron Trace Severed

       Circuit Isolation by Laser Trace Cutting:




(One micron lines and spaces)



Florod Model LFA Zapper (or Model LMT) 


Examples of Refurbished Machines

Available as refurbished to 
new condition (by replacement with new laser tube).

From 1974 to 1996 Rod Waters, Founder of Laserod, was an owner of Florod Lasers. Over that time period about 500 Model LFA were built. Refurbished LFAs are now supplied by Laserod.


An IBMer once called the LFA a “brick” laser. That’s because it’s so robust. It stays in alignment. Also, the optics suffer no laser wear and tear. All you have to do is replace the Xenon laser tube every 3-5 years. The tube has a shot lifetime of a couple million shots. It’s basically a single shot laser, footswitch operated. It can be run rep rate at 1pps, but single shot is normal.


It comes with a laser microscope built-in. The laser beam strikes a 90 degree beam bender with video camera above and laser focusing objective below. The objective is typically Nikon, Olympus or Mitutoyo 40-60X for zapping and a matching 5X, 10X or 20X for viewing. The LFA has a four port turret to facilitate lens changing. A 100X provides a 1.5um spot.


You get your target in the illuminated adjustable rectangular spot, press the footswitch and view your results, then decide what you are going to do next. So it’s fire, examine, fire, examine, and so forth. It’s a green laser. Removes any and all metallization pretty much equally well.

Model LFA Specifications:

Laser:  Originally Xenon (Xe) but retro-fittable to Q-switched Nd:YAG

  • Output: 750 w peak (Xe), 4 MW (YAG)
  • Pulse Width: 0.5 to 1.0 microsec (Xe), 3-5 ns (YAG)
  • Spectral Output: blue-green (Xe), 532 nm (YAG)
  • Rep Rate: single shot or 1pps (Xe), 1-15 Hz (YAG) Laserod Model DEL-31


The Following Specs are for both Xenon & YAG Laser Zappers:

  •  Laser Cuts: 3-10 microns wide, adjustable rectangle, with 40-60X objective
  • Minimum Cut:  1.5um – with 100X objective
  • Viewing: simultaneous microscope body and video monitor
  • Targeting: spot marker to outline location, shape & size of laser cut.
  • Optics: 15X eyepieces with 2-3 objectives
  • Power: 110VAC, single phase, 3-4a, 50/60Hz




From 1974 to 1996 Florod produced about 100 Florod MEL-40′s . Laserod offers refurbished MEL-40.


Refurbished MEL-40              Florod Model MEL-40
















MEL-40 Close Up Refurbished Laser Resistor Trimmer MEL-40










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