Precision Laser Machining of Ceramic Substrates Used in Microelectronic Devices


Featuring Nd:YAG Solid-State Lasers


Tolerances to a few microns can be attained. But the most remarkable thing about our laser is its narrow kerf of 1 mil (25 microns) or 10 microns on special order.. Another useful capability is laser “zapping” through a metal layer on top of the ceramic. A metalized surface, gold for example, is easily cut through or scribed. The gold coating actually assists laser removal rather than being reflected as is the case with CO2 lasers.


Laserod cuts, slots and drills ceramic, as shown below.


To learn more about how solid-state Nd:YAG laser machining compares to CO2 gas lasers,  go to FAQ




Fig. 1. For a Medical Application the use of Nd:YAG Laser Cutting of any Shape Contour in Alumina Ceramic


Ceramic Contour Cutting by Nd:YAG Laser

Fig. 1. For a medical application. 25 mil thick Alumina. Laser can cut any shape.






Precision Micromachined Slots in Alumina Ceramic by YAG Laser


Slots Micromachined in Alumina Ceramic by Nd:YAG Laser

Fig. 2. 6.5 x 40 mil slots in 10 mil thickness.







Laser Cutting Service for Precision Cutting and Machining of Alumina Ceramic by YAG Laser


A Sensor Machined by Nd:YAG Laser

Fig. 3. Thickness of this JPL sensor ceramic is .025″ (625 microns). A part was extracted for a Mars Spaceship.